Whether you have equipment that needs a repair, has a leak, or has a structural issue, our experienced technicians have the training and tools needed to solve your problem and restore your swimming pool.

When something stops working, such as a filter or pump, it can quickly ruin the water quality in your pool. At Stewart Pools, we can diagnose and repair any problem with your pool equipment. Our technicians offer reliable service for all types of inground swimming pools. 

We can repair many different types of pool equipment, including: 

  • Pumps 
  • Heaters 
  • Heat pump equipment 
  • Air blowers 
  • Filters 
  • Valves 
  • Salt systems 
  • Automation systems 
  • Chlorinators 
  • Plumbing 
  • Wireless pool controls 

While we are often able to repair pool equipment, there are some instances where replacement is the better option. If your pool equipment can’t be fixed or you want to upgrade your pool for improved energy efficiency or performance, we offer replacement and upgrade services. Our technicians can help you explore the options for new equipment for your swimming pool. We don’t oversell, so we will fix it if we can and will only recommend replacement when you need it.

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