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Weekly Pool Service Based in Fort Worth, TX

Owning a swimming pool is a lot of fun but taking care of the pool and keeping the water clear, healthy and sanitized is a big job. At Stewart Pools, we keep your pool healthy so you can enjoy paradise with peace of mind. We have an experienced, professional pool management team available to provide weekly service for your pool.

If you are interested in weekly service for your swimming pool, please

 contact us online or give us a call at (817) 813-9002 for more information. 

Weekly Swimming Pool Service 

Your swimming pool requires regular cleaning to avoid problems with your water. Many pool owners find that staying on top of cleaning and chemical management is difficult to handle in addition to work and family responsibilities. Whether you lack the time or simply lack the knowledge to balance the chemicals in your pool, our weekly service makes it easy to keep your pool in great shape.

Depending on the level of service that is right for you, our weekly services include the following:

  • Skimming the pool 
  • Vacuuming debris
  • Backwashing the filter
  • Testing chemicals
  • Adding chemicals, as needed

Since 2007, Stewart Pools has serviced tens of thousands of pools in the Fort Worth area. We have experience with all types of pools (including saltwater pools) and understand the proper cleaning and maintenance requirements. You can count on us to keep your pool looking its best and protect your investment, with everything from weekly service to swimming pool repairs and renovations


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I highly recommend this team for any repair or remodel jobs or if you just need someone to service your pool.
- Jake S.
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Reasons to Let a Pro Service Your Pool  

A swimming pool is an extension of your home. It provides a place for your family to cool off in the summer heat and friends to gather for barbecues. However, maintaining a clean and healthy pool is hard work, and keeping up with cleaning and the right chemicals can be time consuming and frustrating. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to meet your needs. 

Professional pool service allows you to: 

  • Save time: When you let us handle your weekly cleaning, you will have more time to swim and enjoy your pool. 
  • Maintain a healthy pool: A clean, healthy pool requires cleaning and the right chemicals. Dirty or contaminated swimming pool water can increase the risk of bacteria and infections spreading. 
  • The right chemicals: Pool chemicals must be kept in balance to ensure that your pool remains free of bacteria that can cause infection. Our pool management experts have the knowledge and skill to manage the chemical levels in your pool. 

Proper pool maintenance will keep your swimming pool clean, healthy, and operating as it should. When we visit your home for weekly service, we evaluate your pool chemicals and make sure everything remains in proper balance.

Get in touch with us online or by calling (817) 813-9002 to begin weekly service for your swimming pool in the Fort Worth, TX area. 

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Learn More

  • How long will it take for my pool renovation?

    The amount of time needed for pool renovation depends on the work that is needed. A pool that requires resurfacing, tiling, and new coping and decking will take longer than a smaller job. We can evaluate the work that is needed and advise you about the time it may take to complete your renovation.

  • What pool renovation services do you offer?

    Remodeling your swimming pool area can include replacing a few components or a complete renovation with new features and equipment. We offer custom pool renovations to accommodate the needs and preferences of each customer.

    Our pool renovation services include:

    • Resurfacing the pool
    • Installing new pool tile
    • New pool coping
    • Pool decking
    • Automation equipment
    • Upgrading pumps, filters, and other pool equipment
  • Which pool components may need an upgrade?

    Pool equipment wears out over time. In addition, new technologies have emerged with better performance and energy efficiency. We can help you find the best pool equipment for your needs, including pool heaters, filters, pumps, automation equipment, and more.

  • What pool repair services do you offer?

    Most issues with the pool are caused by malfunctioning pool equipment. We offer reliable repair service for heaters, filters, valves, chlorinators, air blowers, timers, automation systems, pool plumbing, and more. In addition to pool equipment, we offer leak detection and repair services for structural problems.

  • What is included in weekly pool service?

    Our weekly pool service is designed to keep your pool healthy, clean and sanitized. We offer three tiers of weekly pool service. During our weekly visits, we monitor the chemical levels in the pool, empty debris baskets and, if needed, backwash the filter. We test your pool for chemicals and add chemicals as needed for your pool to be chemically balanced and sanitized. When you sign up for weekly service, weekly chemicals are included. On some tiers, we skim the surface, clean the bottom of the pool, and ensure that everything is working properly. As an add-on feature we clean the DE filter and cartridge filter.

  • How often should my pool be serviced?

    We offer weekly service to ensure that your pool remains clean and healthy, and that the chemicals are at optimal levels.

  • What are the benefits of professional pool service?

    Having a pool provides hours of fun in the summertime. Keeping the water clean and the chemicals balanced requires regular cleaning and the right products. Professional cleaning and maintenance service allows you to relax and enjoy your pool.

    Leave the job to our pool cleaning experts for:

    • The best quality pool cleaning equipment
    • The right chemicals for your pool
    • Reliable and thorough cleaning
    • Saving time
    • Protecting your investment